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Spain announces the introduction of the “Golden Visa” program

The Golden Visa will give you automatic residency etc. if you purchase a property for 500k euros or more.You can purchase property for less than 500k  and still qualify for a residence permit


Our experts provide high quality immigration legal advice because we have built our reputation in this kind of services over the last years and our immigration work has been rapidly extended.

We have a legal team ready to assist the potential clients to present the legal documentation before the Spanish embassies in Pretoria, Cape Town or Durban, and it will allow our experts in Spain  to speed up the procedure in order to be granted the residence permit to the client.

We are in position to provide the clients with the following services:

  • Schengen Visa
  • Temporary Residence Permits.
  • Self employed work and residence permit.
  • Non-Lucrative residence permits.
  • Renewals for the Non-Lucrative residence and work permits.
  • Investor Residency Visa (NEW)
  • Letter of Invitations.

It is NOT necessary to have a familial or historical connection with Spain, however if you do please let us know as it could make things a lot easier! Especially if you have family in other European countries.

The main criteria is to show the ability to support yourself for the first year. Thereafter you are allowed to work.